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This step is both the easiest and the hardest to develop as an individual habit. The easiest because if you have made it beyond the first four (4) steps then you are eager to learn more about having Excellence be an integral part of your lifestyle. While it may prove to be the hardest if you are resistant to developing a challenging but rewarding trait. Step 5 encompasses your whole lifestyle, how you see things and why you take certain actions.

Living It, Leading It, & Following It! = A Higher Standard of Living

Living It has to do with the quality choices you make outside of your workplace. How you live and play must reflect how you work. The requests you make as a leader must echo the lifestyle you live. Excellence is a lifestyle enriched by quality not quantity.

Leading It is all about your actions in the workplace and in your areas of influence. This is where you take Steps 1 thru 4 and put them into practice! Your team has their eyes on you to see if your practice what you request of them. Lead by example!

Following It is satisfying and enjoyable because it is a reflection of what your team has witnessed as you guide them. It is essential that you “do as you ask” because your team will look at you to ensure the standards are being met.

Doing things right the first time, selecting a superior quality, and doing the best job you can are just a few key characteristics of A Higher Standard of Living. It all has to do with “choices” you make in life. These choices are all about how you view Excellence and how you respond to its alternatives.

Let Excellence enhance your lifestyle!


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