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Elaman Step 1

Elaman Step 1

This is what THE Customer sees as they approach your business whether it is from the street, the walkway, or however they enter. Their decision as to whether or not they will return is being formed right then and there! The first 10 seconds are the most critical!

• You might be thinking "who cares and why does all this matter?"

• Keep in mind that as humans we are very “visual” people.

What we see is what we believe and perceive to be important to that business owner, leader, or manager.

If we see a pleasant, clean, and well-organized business then we are lead to believe that everything else is “pleasant, clean, and well-organized” thereby giving us the assurance that the rest of our business transaction will be the same. In other words we feel good and confident that we will be getting what we are paying for...after all we do want the best product or service for our hard-earned money…right?

Just think for a moment about the last time you walked-in and walked-out of a business because it did not measure up to your “visual expectations?”

Step 1 of my process will take you through two (2) areas that are very critical in the eyes of your customer! Customers have a choice to make…they will make it based on “how good” your business looks “through their eyes Not yours!” The two (2) areas are:

• Draws Customers In

• Appearance is Vital

Based on my expertise and talent I can assist you in making this important transition in the most economical, effective, and valuable approach so that your business or organization will shine and standout above your competition.

For a free consultation, contact me today!

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