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About Elaman


It is an honor to present to you my business concept of “Empowering People to Excel thru World-Class Customer Service”. Through my easy to learn 5-Step Process, I coach and prepare individuals and organizations on how to not only “Win Customers” but also “Keep Customers for Life!”

During this extremely competitive economy it is of utmost importance to educate, instruct and guide all your staff on why “every single customer” is King! The entire staff must fully realize that “The Customer” will give you only “One Chance” to make their interaction with your business or organization not only an enjoyable one but also an Extraordinary Experience for their family, friends and business associates to rejoice in.


“Invest” in your staff as if the life of your business or organization depended on it... because it does! Empower your team to provide nothing less than World-Class Customer Service!

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